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I have written this book with great sacrifice, lying in bed unable to stand or to sit up. But seeing the need to warn Humanity of the coming catastrophe, I made a great effort. I dedicate this message to Humanity, as a last resort, because there is nothing else to do.
— V.M. Rabolu

We are going to talk about Hercolubus or Red Planet, which is approaching Earth.According to some accounts, scientists have even calculated its weight, and they say it is so many tonnes and has a certain diameter, as if it were a child’s toy, but this is not the case. Hercolubus or Red Planet is five or six times larger than Jupiter. It is a gigantic mass, which cannot be stopped or deflected.

There are large, very deep cracks along the seabed, which are already making contact with the fire within the Earth. This is happening precisely because of nuclear tests that the scientists and powers they believe themselves to be powers are carrying out. They do not measure the consequences of the atrocities they have committed and continue committing against the planet and against Humanity. The fire within the Earth has already started to make contact with the water, and cyclones have started to appear. North Americans call it ‘The El Niño Phenomenon’. It is not ‘El Niño’, it is the contact between the fire within the Earth and the water, and this is spreading in the ocean.

Just as they are doing with Hercolubus, which is rapidly approaching Earth, by playing it down (in that they even dare to state its weight and mass) so they have done with extraterrestrials by distorting them as gorillas or animals. This is a great lie, one hundred percent false, because the inhabitants of other planets in our solar system and galaxy are superior humans and wise beings.

This chapter is given the esoteric title ‘The Death’, because anyone who begins to disintegrate his defects starts to leave the circle in which the whole of Humanity sits. Every human being carries a Divine Spark within, called the Soul, Buddhata or Essence. Well, it has various names, but in reality it is a Divine Spark that motivates us and gives us strength to begin spiritual work, such as that I am teaching you here. This Essence or Soul is trapped in all our wickedness, defects or psychological selves, which are called esoterically ‘Ego’. They do not allow the Essence to express itself freely, because it is they who take over the voice and command of a person. But through the work of the disintegration of the defects the Essence grows, becomes stronger, and manifests itself with more clarity and with more strength. It is gradually transformed into Soul.

As we speak about the astral, I want to ask you whether you have dreamed about people who passed away years ago, about places and people you do not know physically. This is what people normally call dreams: ‘Last night I dreamt such a thing’. However, nobody stops to think about why they have dreamed about other regions or places while the physical body was resting in bed. This is the Astral Plane or Fifth Dimension, where neither weight nor distances exist, and to which the Astral Body belongs. This is a body exactly like the physical, but made of energy, which moves at great speed like a thought and is able to investigate anything we like in the Universe.


Alcione 协会


编辑:Ángel Prats
作者:Joaquín Amórtegui Valbuena (V.M. Rabolú)

The Alcione Association is registered with the National Registry of Associations within the Ministry of Home Affairs, group 1, section 1, with national number 588698, and has its headquarters in Calle Santander nº 6 – piso 5º, oficinas 4 – 5, in the town of Burgos (Spain).



V.M. Rabolú

V.M. 拉博鲁(1926 – 2000)出生于托里马(哥伦比亚)。他在1952年获得真理并在经过长年深奥的实践后获得了非凡的能力,从而成为了一个世界闻名的精神向导。



“我不是耸人听闻者,我是一个对将要降临和即将发生的事件做出警示的人。”(V.M. 拉博鲁)

V.M. 拉博鲁是极少数意识清明的人之一,他传播的知识正是当今这以消费主义、价值观缺乏为标志的日益迷失的社会环境下必不可少的。




Alcione协会,作为与D. Ángel Prats的合作机构,也就是V.M. Rabolú的作品《Hercólubus/红色星球》的编辑,以传播和全球分发这本书作为唯一的目的。这次活动的主要宗旨在于把这本书免费地分发到世界各地,原原本本地把这部作品以及它所传达的世界性讯息不加区分地传播给所有关心这件事的人。


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在当前部分,您可以听到V.M. Rabolú念诵能使星芒体分离的咒语,为的是使您掌握它的正确发音。







Hercolubus or Red planet

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